Mobility Vehicle Services

Your wheelchair, shuttle vans and buses are money makers for your business. When they go down, you are down, and we can't have that! Our service team is totally focused on your needs, and we will always do our best to respond promptly when you call.

TCI Mobility's industry first regional Road Secure program provides mobile maintenance, service and roadside assistance to our customers in the event an issue arises with one of our vehicles.

We keep a full inventory of the most commonly required parts, and we can expedite delivery of non-stock parts when required. We are fortunate to be served by vendors who share our passion for great support, so parts availability is rarely an issue.

For all other issues:
We will work with you and your mechanic, local garage, or auto dealer to be sure you get the support you deserve, and if you need a service point, we will help you find one. We will communicate with their technicians to diagnose problems and take action to correct them. We will always make sure we get your vehicles up and running ASAP!