TCI Companies

TCI Mobility started with an idea and a premise that quality and customer service are the cornerstones of any good business.  Since our founding as a mobility and ambulance finance company back in 2009 and a van builder in 2013 we have strived to keep our commitment to these ideals.

Our success has always been based on the expertise of our skilled laborers and committed office personnel, and the ability to listen to our customers.  We continue to innovate and come up with new ideas to make the driving experience more enjoyable for both the driver and passengers in every van we build.

In 2009 when Scott Weinstein and Steven Hoffman opened TCI Funding, LLC, the goal was to sell and finance commercial mobility vans.  What we soon noticed after representing all of the major builders in the industry, was that quality and workmanship were sorely lacking amongst all of them, except one builder.  We were lucky to find a company in Pennsylvania that shared our view of quality and service.  The company was VCI Mobility and that’s where it all began.  

After about two years as a dealer for VCI, VCI was sold to a large mobility van builder who decided to lay off the staff and close the manufacturing facility. The staff contacted us because we were their largest dealer. After much discussion and research, in August 2013 TCI Mobility, LLC was formed.  The staff from VCI were hired, a location was secured and the team began to build again.

We are now in our sixth year as a commercial van builder and have never looked back.  We moved into our new production facility in Sciota, PA and our new corporate office in Pompano Beach, FL at the end of 2018.With our new locations we have the ability to be more efficient and therefore will be able to grow and thrive.  

When TCI began building vans in 2013 our focus was on growing our sales, maintaining quality and servicing our customers.  As the volume of sales grew, we knew that direct sales would not be sustainable if we wanted the end user to be able to find service, and most importantly service from a facility that would meet our stringent standards.  The only solution to this was to create and expand our dealer network.  Most dealers in our network will have an exclusive territory and we will make sure that all sales in that territory will be made through them, unlike our competition.

These are exciting times for everyone at TCI. We have a new home, new product designs and dedicated employees. With our new facilities and expanded dealer network the sky is the limit.  We are looking forward to serving all of our customers new and old and producing vans where quality and safety always come first!