Crew Vans

three men in green polos standing in front of ADA van with a fourth man in driver's seat

TCI Mobility also builds crew vans for the trades!

One, two, or three passenger seats, in either rigid or foldaway configuration installed behind the front seats of a cargo van can expand your passenger capacity to get everyone to the job site at once. Foldaway seating allows you the flexibility to carry extra passengers, or if needed extra cargo! We can also install our incredibly durable, rubber, puncture resistant diamond plate pattern, industrial grade, plywood over steel laminated flooring to protect your van’s OEM floor and keep the interior looking new for years down the road. For carrying bigger loads, we can also design and build several styles of partitions (solid or rear view see through) to protect your passengers from full loads during abrupt stoppages. Call us today and let one of our experts guide you through the process.