School Activity Vehicles

School Activity Vehicles are becoming more and more popular with school districts and private schools as bus routes become smaller and run in shorter radiuses. The economical factors of running these types of vehicle versus a larger yellow bus clearly has it’s advantages in certain situations. Easier to maneuver, better all around visibility, and better fuel economy are just some of the reasons School Activity Vehicles have gained in popularity with fleets over the past few years.

TCI Mobility has built hundreds of these vehicles for various school districts and local organizations where transporting children safely is paramount to anything else. TCI Mobility vans provide any organization with vehicles that are safe, comfortable, and economical.

TCI Mobility is proud to offer a School Activity Vehicle in several configurations. Our School Activity Vehicles typically carry up to 9 children that can enter and exit the vehicle through the front passenger door, and install lowered front step (or running board step) for those little legs, and a TCI Mobility Design manually driver-operated bus door mechanism. TCI Mobility is the only builder with a proprietary design that allows the OEM door latch to remain in place, thus allowing the door to be opened from the outside handle as well as the interior opener, thus, creating an additional emergency exit. We can configure these vans to comply with any state or municipalities regulations in 8 or 9 passenger capacities. We can also configure the bus with additional cargo storage for student’s sports and gear bags, as well as several other options as well. Of course, with safety being TCI Mobility’s primary focus, for 2019, every School Activity Vehicle now comes equipped with a Child Checkmate system as a standard feature in every bus, because the safety of a child should never be optional.

Remember, all TCI Mobility built vehicles come confidently backed by our industry leading 4 year, 50,000 limited warranty.