The best product available in its class TCI Mobility Wheelchair Accessible Vans

I have purchased about 35 of these vans over the last year as a dealer, and have been extremely pleased with the fit & finish, the vehicles being dependable delivery-ready, and look forward to representing this brand for many years to come - they make our job easy, and our customers very happy for a long time

As the owner of VM transit in Philadelphia, PA I’ve always dealt with a competitor of TCI. I met with the TCI team last quarter of 2016 and did our first order for one unit. It’s the best unit compared to others and the conversion of the chassis meets all the federal inspection and ++++ the fit in & out meets the commercial DOT and ++++ I received the unit ready to be on the road as soon as their truck dropped off van.  I only needed my driver to start rolling. Yes this is the real work ++++ I will approve it on my channel @ you tube. I had a choice, try TCI OR to do business with a big advertising company??? Because of their great work I trusted TCI with an order for 10 units & guess what, I ordered on October 15th and all units were delivered December 5th.

We have purchased 9 Ford Transit lift vans from TCI. All of them are very well built and have thoughtful small design touches that make our drivers' jobs easier. Chris always takes care of all of the sales and delivery details so thought I don't have to worry about them. We've had our own ideas about small changes that would be better for us and when we ask for small custom changes Pete is receptive to hearing me out working with me to make the product even better. I have been in the NEMT business for 14 years and have cycled through more than 45 wheelchair vans over that time and the TCI vans have been the best, hands down.

Scott's Team: we bought 2 10-passenger VANS IN THE PAST TWO YEARS. The service was outstanding, and the product itself was just as good. And the price was super competitive.