Proudly Made In The USA

Published April 22nd, 2019 by TCI Mobility

TCI Mobility has been manufacturing in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania since its inception. We are proud to say that we buy a majority of our materials from local vendors. We purchase our steel from a vendor less than five miles from our facility.

We acquire a majority of all of our materials locally. Our floors, walls, lifts, a/c units and even our fiberglass are all made in the USA. Our purchasing team makes every effort possible to use suppliers that are local and also source their materials from American manufacturers and suppliers. We are actively seeking DBE and Small Business participation for the manufacturing of our products: non-emergency mobility and medical transport vehicles, including school shuttles. Furthermore, we are pursuing information, concerns and ideas from minority and women owned organizations, community organizations, and business groups in regards to the availability of disadvantaged businesses for the manufacturing of component parts used in the up-fit of these specific transit vehicles.

It is our belief that supporting American businesses helps everyone and it’s our responsibility to do our part. We know that when we purchase from an American business, we are part of keeping our fellow citizens employed, which in turn helps the American economy move in the right direction.

Scott Weinstein


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