Hashtag Will Always Be A Pound Sign To Me

Published May 21st, 2019 by TCI Mobility

I know this has been written thousands of ways by millions of people that are older than 50, but I have to say I still really don’t get it. Tweets and followers and likes and hits and aaaagh! What I do understand is that any company that wants to compete in the 21st century cannot say aaagh to the new technology and innovation that is driving our future.

At TCI Mobility we embrace the future while still paying attention to old-fashioned detail and quality. My favorite thing to write about is the quality, value, and durability of our TCI vans and busses. But in the coming weeks we are going to discuss our valued employees and their stories.

Without the tireless efforts of our amazing staff we wouldn’t be able to move one van off the line. Every employee is tasked with providing the best quality and service to our customers.

Each employee has an interesting story to tell and we want you to get to know who makes TCI run.

Scott Weinstein


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