Customer Driven / Customer Focused

Published July 17th, 2019 by TCI Mobility

For a majority of my career I have had the honor and pleasure of being in sales. It’s extremely rewarding to create a customer from a phone call or a cold visit. But as any salesperson will tell you, if you don’t have service after the sale your efforts will eventually be for naught.

Customer is a very interesting concept for us here at TCI Mobility. Large portions of our customer base are dealers that sell our products. They go out and market our vans to their end users. It is imperative that all of our dealers meet our ethical sales standards, and provide service at a fair price and in a timely manner. When you buy a TCI van from one of our dealers you can be rest assured that we have done our due-diligence to make sure they follow our guidelines.

I make it a point to go out with the sales staff of each of our dealers to train them in the “TCI Method,” and get to hear comments, questions or even complaints from the end users of our vans. I find that I learn the most when I am out there listening to the people that drive our vans and the passengers that ride in them.

I look forward to continuing our dealer sales training and as we add more dealers, making sure the systems and procedures in all of our departments meet their needs. We are also looking forward to adding new dealers and expanding our geographic footprint.

At TCI Mobility we take pride in making sure that our vans are the best designed, built and serviced vans in the industry. I am incredibly proud of our team and look forward to bringing our new ideas and designs to the marketplace. The first six months of 2019 have been extraordinary and I can’t wait to see what we produce in the second half of the year.

Good luck and good selling to all of our dealers and hard-working staff!

Scott Weinstein


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