Activity Bus

Published March 29th, 2019 by TCI Mobility

We are extremely excited about our School Activity Bus and the variety of different applications our customers are finding useful. What makes our Activity Bus so unique is that it comes equipped with our proprietary TCI Mobility Design Manually Driver-Operated Bus Door Mechanism. TCI Mobility is the only builder with a proprietary design that allows the OEM door latch to remain in place, allowing the door to be opened from the outside handle as well as the interior opener, thus, creating an additional emergency exit. We can configure these vans to comply with any state or municipalities regulations in 8 or 9 passenger capacities.

This ingenious device enables the driver to open the passenger door from his or her seat allowing the children to enter directly from the passenger side door. The manual bus door can also be opened from the outside just like any typical vehicle door. The manual bus door is also designed with a mechanical door mechanism that is virtually indestructible and will provide years of usage with minimal maintenance.

The TCI Mobility design Manually Driver -Operated Bus Door is also a money saver for your school or organization. Just think about the time it takes a driver to load and unload 8-9 children all coming and going from different locations. Now also imagine trying to accomplish this in inclement weather. Our proprietary TCI Mobility Design Manually Driver-Operated Bus Door Mechanism eliminates the need for your driver to have to spend all that time outside of the van, which will save you time on the road, and therefore the dollars it takes to pay for the extra labor hours.

Please contact one of our dealers to arrange a demonstration, or if you are not in an area served by one of our dealers just call us direct at 877-TCI-VANS.

Scott Weinstein


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