The TCI Companies

Steven Hoffman and Scott Weinstein founded TCI Funding, LLC in November 2009 as a financial services company for the commercial mobility van and ambulance market. Soon after opening the finance operation in West Palm Beach, Florida, TCI Funding, LLC also opened its first mobility van dealership in Pompano Beach, Florida and named it TCI Mobility.

The success of TCI Funding, LLC was immediate and the growth was phenomenal. Focusing on quality vehicles and exemplary customer service, TCI Funding, LLC began to sell new and used vans nationwide with a very loyal following. This growth has been consistent over the last six years, and has taken TCI Funding, LLC from its humble 1,000 sq. ft. warehouse in West Palm Beach to its current corporate headquarters of close to 10,000 sq. ft. of office space, and the employees to fill those offices.

Through TCI Funding, LLC's amazing team of hardworking professionals, it gave them the opportunity to fuel their incredible growth. In the summer of 2013, the TCI family of companies grew again with the creation of TCI Mobility, LLC in Gilbert, PA. This manufacturing facility was created to fill a void left in the commercial mobility van market. In July of 2013, a smaller manufacturer in Eastern Pennsylvania that TCI Mobility was a dealer for was purchased by a competing mobility van manufacturer. This new "owner" saw little use for the 20 skilled laborers and associated staff, and fired them all. Steven and Scott, being the largest distributor of the former manufacturer's product, were called to Pennsylvania by the former staff and were asked if they would like to build vans.

The staff and most of its skilled labor force were building vans over 20 years prior with Vartanian Industries, and have all worked together for the same period of time. Within two months of the first meeting with the staff, Steven and Scott found a location, pursued and obtained licenses and began to hire staff. Fast forward five years, and TCI Mobility, LLC now employs over 20 people, and occupies close to 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space on three acres in Gilbert, Pennsylvania, and continues to grow.

TCI's conversions are built on Ford, Dodge, Mercedes Benz and Chevy chassis'. TCI Mobility, LLC is a certified Ford QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) builder and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) factory authorized service and repair facility.

Steven and Scott also formed another division, TCI Delivery Services of Florida, Inc. to handle a majority of its van shipments. Steven and Scott believe that if they can handle all aspects of the client's commercial mobility van purchase from build, to delivery, to finance, they can make it a seamless and enjoyable transaction for their customers.

TCI Mobility, LLC strives to make their vans, financial products and delivery services the best in the industry!