Accessible Shuttle Buses

TCI Mobility Shuttle Vans are designed for many special transportation needs. Our shuttle vans have a center-aisle layout that makes it easier for passengers to enter the vehicle and move about the cabin. No need to worry about climbing over wheel wells or other passengers.

Low-roof shuttles are perfect for those looking for basic transportation at a low cost. Raised-roof vans provide additional headroom for organizations that need to provide a higher level of comforrt for passengers.

Seating capacity can be adjusted to what's important to you: Are you looking for maximum passenger capacity or do you need a balance betwwen seats and luggage/walker storage? Seating styles and fabrics can also be selected to provide the level of luxury, utility and image you wish. Mid-back seats with vinyl and repellant fabrics are less expensive and easy to clean, while high-back seats with stylish cloth fabrics are comfortable and appealing and let your clients know you appreciate them.

We can tailor build you a vehicle for your business that will meet the needs of even your most discerning clients.