Say Goodbye to the E-Series

By Scott Weinstein

When Steve and I started this business our one primary goal was to purchase and order every available Ford E-250 we could get our hands on. With the assistance of a lot of amazing and trusting dealers, and a bit of pure instinct on our part, we secured over 300 vans. This week we will be delivering the last of those vans. I know that our employees will be thrilled to see them as a thing of the past, but I will have bittersweet memories of the E-Series and will be sad to see them go.

The E- Series were the core of our business and are still featured prominently on our logo. To think that the E-Series vans have been produced since 1961 is an accomplishment in itself. But the E-Series represents something more important than the workhorse they were to me. This less than pretty work vehicle has been a staple in my life for most of my career. I've always wondered why people would become so attached to any motor vehicle. I now have more empathy for those folks now that the last E-Series van is going through our assembly line.

These are exciting times for TCI Mobility now that the E-Series is a thing of the past. Our design and engineering departments are redoubling their efforts to differentiate our Transits and Promasters from our competition. Steve and I have been spending a lot more time in the field with our salespeople to get a better understanding of our clients needs. What has been a surprising positive has been the response to our vans. What we both find amusing and interesting is that the first question we are always asked is, " how much more is this going to cost?" We enjoy letting our customers know that our pricing is very competitive, and that service and quality don't have to be expensive. Our main objective is to build vans that fit the needs of our customers and make their clients comfortable and happy.

TCI Mobility continues to grow, expand and move with the times. We have an incredible group of talented men and women who work tirelessly to build and deliver the best vans in the industry. We are so excited that the response in the market has been so overwhelming. We look forward to becoming the most trusted and acclaimed builder in our industry. The Transit has some big shoes to fill.