Business is Booming

By Steven Hoffman

Scott Weinstein


May 2016

A few months ago I received a phone call from a reporter at the Pocono Record asking if we were still in business. I eagerly answered that we are not only still in business, but business was booming!

The reason for his call was to do a follow-up article for one that was written two plus years ago for our grand opening in Gilbert, PA. He seemed surprised that my response was overwhelmingly positive and was excited to come in and write about our success. The result of his visit was the article written below:

TCI Mobility was founded on three basic tenets:

Build an Unequalled Product

Always be Customer Focused

Exceed Expectations

Since opening our doors for business in November of 2013 we have never strayed from our guiding principles and the results are amazing. Our customer base has grown exponentially and our original customers continue to order more vans. We have just initiated our first marketing plan and will be advertising for the first time since we opened. This is an exciting time for us since we are able to build more units and get them to the end user even faster. Our quality control has been outstanding and our customers are letting us know by referring friends and associates at an amazing pace.

We have also added more dealers nationwide and calls are coming in from dealers looking to join the TCI family. This typically happens after they lose a deal to us not over price, but that their customer prefers our product. We continue to add value added safety features and interior enhancements to make our vans distinct and special. I look forward to sharing all of exciting new products and updates to existing products in this forum.